the fourth of july

We had our 5th annual Fourth of July breakfast and Provo Parade watching at our home. Lots of family and close friends - mingling, eating, and celebrating our nation's Independence while sporting the lovely red white and blue. It was a great day to reflect on all the freedoms we enjoy, the great land we live on, the people who serve, fight, and have even lost their lives for our country, and the God inspired men who wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence.

After the parade we headed up to alpine for swimming, some barbecue, and then topped the night off with the BYU soccer game and fireworks from the stadium. The kids stayed up late and we all had a great time. 

I am proud to be an American. God bless the USA!


Kim & Clay said...

Oh how I love spending the morning of the fourth with you guys! xo

Angie Harding said...

I love all these photos!!! Thanks for documenting everything so beautifully. I really really miss the fourth in Utah, it is so much more festive and fun back home! In NYC there aren't any parades or bbq's and definitely no family or pool parties, so this is really fun to get to experience the holiday as it SHOULD be celebrated, through your blog! Maybe next year we will actually get to be there with everyone! :)

Karim Jones said...

Slightly embarrassed to admit I've been reading your blog for a while now. Don't even ask me how I stumbled across it because I have no idea. I thought I'd jump out of the woodwork to sey hey! Cute pictures :)

S.DAY said...

Oh I just LOVE that you can walk right out your front door (or second floor window) and watch the parade! You did a fantastic job on the spread and it looks like so much fun!