As is tradition, we hiked the Y together early one morning. It is our goal each year to make it to the Y before the sun hits us at all. It was a close one this year, as we got to the top just before the sun rays hit the trail we were minutes ago  hiking on. Success. We have hiked to the very tippy top of the Y previous years, but this year we thought it'd be fun to just chill at the bottom and take some goofy pics (or maybe we were just too tired and lazy....)

After our hike we hit up Magleby's Fresh for chocolate chip pancakes and their famous French Toast. 
It sure hit the spot. 

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Angie Harding said...

Those pictures of the valley and mountains made me catch my breath for a minute! It's so so beautiful. I am feeling homesick this week so don't mind me living vicariously through your blog. :)