Happy Halloween!

I feel like a broken record every year when I say it's the best Halloween yet... but seriously you guys, this year was the best one yet!!! We jampacked our week leading up to Halloween with all sorts of fun festivities: Pumpkinland (twice!), our ward trunk-or-treat, pumpkin painting, Jayne's preschool Halloween fundraiser party, pumpkin carving and lighting, Haunted Forest, caramel apple decorating, Halloween Festival at the Riverwoods, and then.... last but not least, HALLOWEEN! We had family over at our place for chili and donuts and then we trick-or-treated with the littles ones in our neighborhood. It was our first year doing it in our neighborhood, and we loved it!  Vinny and Jayne knew exactly what to do, and it was nearly impossible to keep up with them. I wish I had taken video of Vinny's little legs running lightening speed from home to home. He had his own little routine. He would say "trick-or-treat!", "thank you!" after getting his candy, and then "Happy Halloween!" before leaving. One house he started walking down the stairs to leave when he realized he had forgotten to say his last phrase, but the door had already shut. He says to me to me with a furrowed brow and a real good pouty face, I forgot to say "Happy Halloween...." Sweet boy.

As the kids start to have their own preferences, we let them choose their own Halloween costumes. This year Jayne wanted to be a "purple sparkly fairy" which she wore to all the costume festivities leading up to Halloween. The day of, she changed her mind and decided on a dress-up dress from Spain (that she saw in our friends bin of costumes). I asked her if she wanted to do her hair and pin in a real red rose. But she had other plans and was set on wearing her hair down with her own headband and her own blue sparkly shoes. 

Vinny originally wanted to be a car for Halloween. Not to be confused with a car driver, or even the car character, Lightening McQueen. He wanted to be dressed up like a regular car. But due to the fact that I have zero crafting abilities, and there was no sort of half decent car costumes to be found, we took him to the nearest Costco where he happily selected a dinosaur (which we later discovered is probably a dragon?) costume. He loved it and wore it all leading up to Halloween, until I found that amazing glow in the dark green skeleton costume for CHEAP at Smith's while grocery shopping and facetimed Vinny on the phone to see if he liked it - he started begging me to buy it and... well... how could I say no?! I loved it just as much as he did! 

Frankie was a monster leading up to Halloween (picked out by Vinny) until I remembered an old baby Batman costume I had in storage that I bought for my little nephew years ago (which he ended up not using because it was too small). It fit Franks perfectly, he didn't even mind the mask (hallelujah!), and I think I almost ate him, he looked so freakishly cute. Not to mention, it was the perfect costume to coordinate with his cousin Charlie (superman) and his friend Henry (Robin). Hello! Can you say, meant to be?!

I have a thing where I can only get into Halloween costumes (for myself) every OTHER year. Last year I was a witch and even hosted a Halloween adult only party for our friends. This year I threw on some cat ears just before we left for trick-or-treating. Steve was a Duck Dynasty somebody (am I the only person that does not know the show? Steve gave me the crazy eye when I told him I had no clue what Duck Dynasty was, which is comical because I am with him anytime we watch shows or TV and never EVER have we seen that show. Just sayin'.)

Oh, and if you are wondering who that cute Japanese boy is in our pictures... his name is Takato, he is a student from Nara Japan, and we are his host family for a week while his 10th grade class is visiting and doing a program here through BYU. It has been surprisingly way more fun than I had fully anticipated (not that I thought it wouldn't, but I just didn't really know what to expect) and we are loving having him in our home and getting to know him and share with him all that America/little Provo, UT has to offer! Our kids love him too - bonus!

And this is getting lengthy so I'll just end by saying that I hope your Halloween was a good one.

Happy Halloween!

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