iphone pics worth mentioning

this boy. this boy!!!

"he's a perfect pillow" - V

my delicious vincent off in dreamland

she got ahold of grandma's glasses. 

always wanting to help! and, its impossible to not open your mouth while feeding a baby.

3 little munchkins in one small shower

snuggly boy

jayson came home from this mission!

classic skating for crystal's birthday 

vinny at maglebys fresh

frankie loves his uncle taylor

beautiful weather at the park before it got freeezing!

we love the provo dino museum

"my car castle!"

vinny a tad nervous on the tractor ride at thanksgiving point

me and my boys

good times at thanksgiving point farm

FNO at the Lighting of the Riverwoods!

And a basketball game with Jayne and Vinny. V loved it!

Jayne got bored pretty fast. 

Rainy days in provo. 

Johanna's birthday party. V wanted to go in his Pjs. 

My mom came to town for a short visit!

Family reunion at my cousin Jenny's place

Frankie using puppy eyes to get ahold of the iphone

Me and Franks with my Aunt Janet and my mom

Dinner sans toddlers with some of my family while my mom was here!

This kid is on the move! He is all over the house, up the stairs, standing in his crib, walking along furniture.... and he eats like crazy!!!!! where it all goes, we will never know. Oh wait, his diapers. 

Obsessed with cars and balls.

Lucky boy gets to go with Kate to his friend Ollie's house once a week! He loves it!

Dad has the magic touch.

Mommy daughter date with my Jaynie girl. She requested mac n' cheese at Noodle & Co. and then we did a little shopping for her at Target!

Love this chica! 

November! How did you fly by so fast?! I can't believe how quickly these holidays are happening. I was tempted to set up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving (which is usually a big "no no" in my book), and kind of wish we had, because I feel like time is zooming on by, that before I know it Christmas will be here and I will feel like we didn't get to savor it long enough. Here is to NOT letting that happen! Thanksgiving and Christmas will be savored!

This month has included lots of fun outings with the kids with friends, and as a family, lots of basketball games, and getting ready for Thanksgiving (tomorrow). I couldn't be more thankful for this little family of mine, the friends and family we have around us, the beautiful area in which we live, the blessings of temples all around us, the gorgeous mountains right outside our window, the bounty of food, the comfort of a home and clothing, our strong bodies and good health.......... the list is never ending, and I will sound like a broken record come our Thanksgiving post. But truly, I am just so gosh dang happy. And feel so lucky. 
Life is good. 

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