Jayne Middie


My favorite little girl at 4 years old. Her favorite color is still pink (and rainbow). Some of her favorite things in no particular order: monkey, toast, frankie, painting/coloring, playing with friends, getting dressed all.by.herself, snuggling, watching movies, pretending with her toys, dancing, donuts, grandma, bedtime stories, leaves, and "healthy snacks" (usually red apples, grapes, or strawberries). 

She is particularly hard these days - maybe my hardest, as she is discovering her independence, and learning all about behavior and their consequences, etc. She can be quite dramatic and sassy at times, but I still wouldn't change one thing about her. She is wonderfully sweet, smart, hilarious, witty, and loving. She is my best little girlfriend and I genuinely and thoroughly enjoy spending time with her (when she isn't throwing a tantrum, that is ;). 

She is thoughtful and very sweet. She is good at coming up to solutions to problems, which can sometimes be to our disadvantage. For example, my brother was babysitting and trying to put her to bed, and she kept asking "can you go get my mom and dad?" and he said "no, I can't leave the house Jayne, you need to go to bed." and her response was, "ok. why don't you have lauren come over so she can babysit and then you can go get mommy and daddy from the movie theater." And then he said, "I don't know what movie theater they are at" and she said, "well I do! Can you go get me a pen and some paper and I will show you." (he didn't get the pen and paper but I laugh to think what she would have drawn out for him). 

She is the sweetest big sister to Frankie. She adores him, and even started calling Monkey "Monklin" shortly after Franklin was born (if Frankie can be Franklin, then Monkey can be Monklin, right?). She and Vinny get along pretty darn well for two siblings so close in age, and I love how much she loves everyone in her family, including extended family. She is a homebody - loves to be near home and the ones she loves. It is maybe one of the things I love most about her. 

She makes us incredibly happy. Sometimes we wonder how in the world we ever got so lucky to have her. We sure love our Jaynie girl. 

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