9 months!

Our baby Franklin turned 9 months old last week. At 9 months Frankie....

has 3 teeth, and 3 more breaking through the gums (ouch!)
crawls lightning speed all over the house
is climbing up to stand on anything and everything
is climbing up the stairs and not knowing how to safely get down (scary)
climbed up on the couch when some pillows were left by it (yikes)
is eating all sorts of fruits and vegetables (i mix them together and it seems to do the trick)
is starting to snack on bread and baby puffs
can say "mamama" and is one serious mama's boy (clingy to the extreme)
loves doing the balancing trick with dad
can clap on command, wave "hi" and "bye bye"
loves to dance when he hears music (cutest ever)
is not the greatest sleeper lately, i think because of teething (get your dang teeth already!;)
tried custard and whipped cream for the first time 
and i think we have another sweet tooth on our hands
started fake laughing
loves the shower and gets all giddy when he hears us turn it on
tries to keep up with his older siblings, following them around the house
is a tough little guy, putting up with constant smothering and "rough love" by j and v
is a snuggly little thing
is pretty much always smiling 
is really good about being 'on the go' as a third baby
gives the best open mouthed kisses 

we sure love our Frankie Tankie!

.... and just a cute one of Dad and Vinn that same morning...

Happy 9 months baby boy!

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