Disneyland Part I Magic Kingdom

Day one at the happiest place on earth. We went to Magic Kingdom for our first day. We rode practically every ride the kids were allowed on. This was my first time at DL and while it seemed busy to me, it was apparently empty compared to a normal day at DL. We never waited more than 25-30 minutes in line for a ride (usually only 10 min.) and zero wait for fast pass rides/stroller pass. It was awesome!!!

My favorite thing about our time at DL was seeing my kids so perfectly happy. We were at the parks from morning until close with no naps (except for Frankie who catnapped like an angel in the stroller/ergo baby), and they never threw a tantrum or got upset. I'm serious! Total bragging moment, but it is true, and I loved it. They were in awe over everything. It was so fun to see their excitement and how they loved pointing everything out to us with such enthusiasm. Jayne and Vinny were so cute with each other on each ride - it reminded me once again how grateful I am that they have each other and that they are so close in age. 

One of my favorite moments that I will never forget was when I put Frankie down on the ground to take a quick picture of him that afternoon in the mickey section. As soon as I did so, Pluto came into the frame out of nowhere and started crawling around with him. Frankie was all grins and loving every minute of it. I could not stop laughing and smiling... and almost crying? Cheezy, but true! It was so tender and sweet. He stayed with him for awhile, and didn't just rush off. People started circling around to watch and take pictures. It was the sweetest moment and I was just so grateful that even my little 8 month old got to have his own special moment at DL. So, thank you Pluto!

That evening we watched the Christmas parade at the park (the kids were in heaven and loved when the characters would wave and smile at them), and then the fireworks above the castle (again, more moments I thought I might cry). It was so much fun to see their faces - big bright eyes soaking all the magic in. It really was magical. 

--- iphone photos below ---

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