Disneyland Part II California Adventure

For our second day at DL, we went to California Adventure. It was great, even less crowded than Magic Kingdom the day before. The only downside was that the Cars ride was broken down and I have heard that is one of the best rides at CA. A lot of angry people going into the park that morning. We didn't mind too much though because Vinny wouldn't have made the height requirement any way which means we avoided a possible meltdown had it been working and he discover only Jayne could go. And, the kids didn't know any different. They had a blast on the Mater ride and Vinny was in H-E-A-V-E-N seeing all his favorite Cars characters. The best was a little remote controlled Mater that was driving around. The kids thought it was a real little Mater and were getting a kick out of telling him what to do and watching him do it (their absolute favorite when he would drive between their legs!). They chased him around laughing uncontrollably. So cute. 

The most memorable moment was when Jayne went with me and Steve on the Hollywood Tower of Terror. Now before you go judging us as the most irresponsible parents ever, let it be known that we did NOT want her to come and did everything we could to talk her out of it. We originally told her that she was going to stay with Kate and go somewhere fun while Mommy and Daddy went on one ride together that was for adults. She was not having it. She kept begging to go, and even when we told her "Jayne, it is a really scary ride. With a big drop, you won't like it." She said "I don't care if it's scary. It's just pretend scary. I want to go." So.... we threw our hands in the air and let her go. Surprisingly enough she didn't even cry, she just let out a little scream at the first drop and then at the end she told us she didn't like it. Done and done. Pretty funny though.

Jayne's favorite ride was the Jellyfish ride (pictured above). It was basically a children's version of the Tower of Terror. Goes up high and slooowly up and down so you feel it in your tummy (or your bum, as Jayne likes to say) a little bit. After dinner we watched the Feliz Navidad parade and then ended the night with World of Color!!! It was amazing!!!

Kids passed out in the stroller on the way home, 
making our two days at DL the absolute perfect experience. 

Thank you, Disneyland!!! See you next year!!!

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