MOA Open Studio

Me, Crystal, and my friend Ashley took the little ones to the MOA at BYU for Open Studio (free art crafts for families of all ages). We also saw the Brian Kershisnik "Nativity" painting and ate lunch at the cafeteria there with the most gorgeous views of the falling snow all around us. If you haven't seen his painting yet in person, you must go. It is amazing. So many details you just can't fully appreciate unless you see the large original in person. I loved Mary's swollen eyes, the women helping to clean her, her breastfeeding baby Jesus, Joseph's expression - the weight of realizing he is now a parent to the Savior of the World, the throng of angels flowing like water, the patterns on all the clothing, the little baby angel with the best view of baby Jesus, the angels' expressions and the ones with tears in their eyes... wow, wow, WOW. A favorite for sure.

(the photos of jayne and vinny were taken just before we left for the museum. those two crack me up and melt my heart all at the same time)

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Lauren Elizabeth said...

Those pictures of Jayne and Vinny melt my heart. Some of my favorites of them ever. Tears in my eyes looking at that picture. I want to go see it when we come. It's beautiful. I want one of his painting someday!