Oh Christmas Tree.

We could not wait to get Christmas decorations up that next morning we were home from Disneyland. I put off the laundry, and instead spent all day boxing up Thanksgiving decor and bringing out all the Christmas decorations! The kids could hardly stand waiting to decorate the tree (last year with our very straggly looking fake tree! yay!), and we did it that night when Steve got home from work. They were so excited to put up their new ornaments from Grandma (a car for Vinny, a fairy for Jayne, and a turtle for Franklin. They love them!) and they managed to only break one old ornament in the process of decorating the tree. Hurray! This is my favorite year yet. Three little children of our own to enjoy the holidays with... 
we feel pretty (very super extra) lucky.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!

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