San Diego Part I

We went down to Encinitas, CA with Steve for a soccer tournament he had for work just after Thanksgiving. It was perfect, because we could plan our own little family vacation around it, including Disneyland. So, the first few days were spent in San Diego for his tournament, and then we drove up to Anaheim for the rest of our trip at DL. It was an awesome vacation - but equally exhausting. Frankie slept terrible in the hotel every night, I think because everything felt completely foreign and he was also teething (four new teeth about to pop through his top gums all at once!). He made up for it during the day by catnapping like a champ and never whining. I was also so glad Steve's sister Kate asked to join us because the trip would not have been nearly as enjoyable without her there. Not just because of her awesome company ;) but because she was incredibly helpful by making it so we weren't outnumbered by our children. She was amazing in the car on the long drives by helping feed frankie baby food, changing out the movies, getting water or snacks that dropped from Jayne and Vinny's hands. She was always stepping in when our kids needed something, or helping with one when we needed to help with another. And not to mention how resourceful she was as another set of hands at DL. So special shout out to her to making this trip waaaay more amazing then it probably would have otherwise been. 

Our first day in Encinitas it was cold and rainy. We knew we had to get out and do something fun, so we drove down into San Diego and went to Balboa Park and the Natural History Museum there. We got there a little early, so we walked around Balboa Park, staying under the covered pathways when the rain was heavy, and then ventured into the museum once it had opened up. It was a pleasant morning. Afterwards we grabbed some lunch and then headed back to Encinitas for Steve's game. The kids ended up taking a 4 hr nap at the hotel and missed the game altogether, but it was fine because they were perky and happy for a quick run to the beach, dinner and ice cream, and going to see Frozen at the movie theater that evening. Have you seen the movie? 
We loved it!

--- more iphone pics ---

Frankie being cute on our drive

kids loved the jeweled dragon at balboa park

fascinated by the pendulum at the natural history museum

3d movie!

vinny loving the beach!

ice cream run before seeing Frozen!

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