San Diego Part II

The second day of our trip brought pleasant weather and sunshine. We headed to the beach first thing in the morning where Frankie got to see the ocean for the first time in his whole life! He was all smiles and kept making his excited face (scrunched nose and all). It was definitely too cold for swimsuits and playing in the water, but that certainly didn't stop Vinny from getting his legs and pants wet and lots of fun in the sand! Jayne was very timid of the ocean and preferred keeping quite the distance up on the sand, building her own little sand castles and collecting stones. After the beach we went and watched Steve's girls play in their game and then got dinner with the team. We got donuts for dessert at VG Donut & Bakery (a bit too late for their cronuts! oh well) and witnessed the most GORGEOUS sunset I have ever seen. It was a great day. 

--- more iphone pics ---

cute little toesies touching the sand for the first time!

just lounging...

our little sand castle maker who wanted nothing to do with the ocean

frankie's famous balancing act

a sleepy frankie after a brutal night at the hotel. i suppose this makes up for it (kinda;)

a smily face cookie...

... and a rainbow cupcake..

.. and donuts for me at VG Donut & Bakery in Encinitas.

The most gorgeous sunset that evening. 

Jayne listening to Kate's ipod in that hotel room that night. 

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