San Diego Part III

Our third day in San Diego was a Sunday. We went to church at a local LDS building that was a short drive to the LDS San Diego Temple. Unfortunately the grounds were closed at the temple but the kids got a pretty good view by sticking their little heads through the gate. That temple sure is gorgeous. After the temple we drove to La Jolla beach to see all the sea lions. We were able to get about three feet away from a sea lion that was lounging on one of the nearby rocks. It was crazy! We found out later that you are supposed to be no closer than 50 feet to them, because they can bite. Glad that we were able to have that neat experience without any accidents! The kids enjoyed walking along the rocks and looking for little fish in the cracks in the rocks. The weather was perfect. 

After La Jolla we drove downtown to San Diego and had burgers for lunch at Hodadies. Those burgers were not kidding around... yummy, but HUGE, and so very full after. That didn't stop us (me?) from grabbing donuts at Donut Bar (very yummy but nothing beats Pumpkin at Provo Bakery! Sorry!) on our way to Seaport Village. The kids loved seeing all the boats docked and walking out over the ocean where we stopped and ate our donuts. Again, perfect weather. (Must emphasize the weather as I am typing this while it is 20 degrees outside and snowing!) The kids had a blast riding the carousel there and were good and tired for our drive up to Anaheim after. 

Next up, Disneyland!

--- more iphone pics ---

doing his "excited face" in the church bathroom

jayne very proud of her ketchup name creation

take my burger and times it by 3 and you have steve's burger (wish i got a pic of his)

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