Steve turns 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite person in the world turned 30 years old yesterday.  It is a little weird to me that my husband is 30. Not in a bad way, if anything in a good way, but just weird. I remember so well when we were just teenagers, hanging out/dating in high school. He was 17 years old.... I have loved him nearly half of his lifetime! That's crazy!

If you know Steve, you know he isn't one to ask for anything, and would never request any kind of party or anything special with him in the limelight. But turning 30 seems like a big milestone in my book, and I wanted to do something a little different and special for him for his birthday. We started out 30 days before the big day... with letters from friends and family. I had them send me letters saying why they loved him/fun memories/etc. and he opened up one letter everyday leading up to his birthday. Each envelope also had a note saying one reason why I love him. I'm not perfect, and would sometimes forget to give him a letter, so some days he opened more than one... but he did get 30 all throughout the time leading up to the actual day. It was really fun to do it and he really enjoyed it. (PS. I am not saying this to toot my own horn, I just thought it was a really neat idea, and it wasn't my own! I got the idea from a lady I visit teach in the church... her children did it for her for her 50th). 

Many of you know that Steve's Grandpa Magleby passed away this past Tuesday. The funeral was then held on Steve's actual birthday on Saturday. Many people felt bad for Steve, but actually, it was a really special day for him and he felt honored to be able to share it with his Grandpa's funeral. After the funeral I took Steve out to dinner at our favorite place - Pizzeria712 just us two and little did he know.... I had a little surprise party waiting for him when we got home. Nothing too ornate, just 30 balloons with pictures of him over the years taped on them floating around the dining room. We ate his favorite Cream Pie, and also had some peppermint ice cream pie (both of which I had to sneakily make without him knowing what was really going on! planning a surprise birthday party is actually pretty stressful!). I was happy that he was genuinely surprised and had no idea (success!). We ate yummy pie, and then the girls ended up chatting away while the boys watched the BYU basketball game. 

The following morning we made sure to celebrate again with the kids. They have a thing for birthday candles and blowing them out (no matter who the birthday person is) and so we lit some up on our feast of chocolate chip pancakes and after we sang to him again they got to help him blow them out. Jayne and Vinny drew him pictures. Jayne drew a "heart girl" (Steve told her "that's exactly what I wanted!") and a "birthday cake with candles" and Vinny colored a very deep and symbolic picture of his own. Also, the birthday balloons were the best thing ever that morning and kept the kids entertained for hours! 

And before this post gets any more lengthy than it already is... I'll just quickly end it by saying how much I really love that birthday boy up there. He makes me so happy. And I am so happy he was born. He is a really kind, hard working, patient, loving husband and father. We feel really lucky to have him. 

Happy Birthday babe! I'm excited to see what the 30's have in store for you!

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