Vincent, Vinny, Vincester, Vinn, V

I wanted to document this little boy, as I have done for the other two recently on the blog. My kids are at such fun stages of life right now and I want to remember how they were during these fun years in our family.

 This boy.... oh the love I have for this handsome kid! Being the middle child, he has to put up with  lot: an older sister who loves to be bossy and tease on occasion, and a younger brother who likes to play with "his" cars and toys and who also requires a lot of attention from mama (meaning sometimes less attention for him). He has been a pretty awesome kid with the transition to no longer being the baby of the family, and I find myself feeling so proud of him on a daily basis. 

Vinny has such a sweet tender hearted spirit about him. While he can be wild, and silly, and crazy - jumping off anything and everything, making one crazy mess around the house, and throwing some pretty bad tantrums from time to time, he is a sweet boy who likes to hug and kiss his family, share his things, take turns, color/paint people pictures, snuggle, call me "mama" in a soft voice when asking for something (works like a charm), offer to help, uses good manners, plays pretend and dance with his big sis, and gets sad when she isn't very nice to him ("jayne hurt my feelings, mom..."). He loves reading books, singing primary songs, and getting backtickles. 

One thing I love about my Vinn is how he loves to make other people laugh. It is a trait I really admire about him. He will do or say goofy things for the sole purpose of getting the other person (adults, kids, you name it) to laugh. He loves it. He has made Steve and I genuinely laugh out loud (not just courtesy laugh) at something he has said or done, not by accident, but with the intention of lightening the mood and getting us to laugh. I love it!!!

Vinny loves to play with friends and cousins, loves doggy and binky (got a couple more months of the bink before it's goodbye!), still sleeps in his beloved crib (but has recently asked a couple of times to sleep in the big boy bed, *tear*), attempted potty training (his choice, not mine, but then he hated it so we're back in diapers until he turns 3), loves chocolate chips, loves to help out in the kitchen, loves all things cars (and even asks to sleep with 3 or 4 of them), trains, and airplanes/helicopters, obsessed with soccer and soccer balls (and all it takes is playing pass with him for you to become his instant friend), and has recently discovered a passion for BYU basketball. He will sit still through an entire game (past his bedtime) without complaining. He'll be on the lookout for Cosmo, watch the big guys play and score, eat his snacks, and point out the "ba-limp" that flies above the crowd dropping tickets or prizes. He loves practicing shooting in the hoop with Dad and is actually pretty darn good for his little age. 

One funny thing he has been doing lately is using his age as leverage to get more of what he wants. If we give him a piece of candy he'll say, "I want two cause I'm two." Or if he wants a bite of my toast he'll say "I want two cause I'm two." Sometimes it works to our advantage... like when he asks for chocolate chips, and since we don't want to give him too many we'll say, "You get two cause you're two." Hard for him to argue that. 

Did I mention how handsome he his? I have such a crush on this boy. There are times I think he can't get anymore handsome, and then he does. I am sure it is because he is the spitting image of Steve, and there's no secret I'm attracted to the man. I mean, look where it got us! ;)

V... your mama sure loves you. Your whole family loves you. 
You are a cool dude, and we think you're pretty awesome!

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Angie said...

For the record, I also have a HUGE crush on Vinny.