A post by Jayne.

photos by jayne magleby

"I really like coloring and painting, and playing with my friends. And, sometimes I play with Katherine at school. And, I can't wait until it's summer. I love making hearts. I love clapping, and I love hiking on the mountains and taking pictures. And, I like picking leaves and flowers. And, I like jumping on the trampoline and going down the slide and playing with Ellie and Savannah. And snuggling Daddy. And playing with Johanna. And, I like smelling flowers and playing dress-ups with my friends. And I love Valentine's Day. I like parades. And circuses. And I love Monkey. I love drinking water and eating pretzels. That's it!"

(when jayne got wind after preschool about vinny's first ever blog post, she was begging to do one of her own. she is quite the natural little blogger, yes? snap happy, just like her mom. and poor monkey, he has seen better days.)

Today documents Jayne's first blog post, ever!

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