Frankie at 10 months!

Is at the best age ever (I sound like a broken record).
Smiley and happy, pretty much all day. 
Naps like a champ, and sleeping 12 hrs at night.
Has two bottom teeth, and two top teeth, with two more just breaking through the surface.
Can wave "hi" and "bye bye", clap, and point to his nose on command.
Can sign for "food" and "more please."
Lifts up his hands in the air when we say "Are you so big?!"
Points his finger up in the air when we say "Frankie, what's that?"
Loves to give slobbery open mouthed kisses.
Is really becoming a big fan of Daddy.
Still climbing up everything (and not knowing how to get down).
Obsessed with his big brother and sister and follows them everywhere.
Does the cutest "dance" (shaking back and forth, arms flailing in the air) ever to any music of any kind. I love it.
Loves to nurse. Will probably still be nursing past a year. 
Finally eating real food. Happened in like a 3 day span, goofy kid.
Has the biggest brightest blue eyes and gets complimented on his "beauty" all the time. 
Got mistaken for a girl at the doctors office. (He's a pretty boy, no doubt).
Loves walking with his walker, and playing with cars and balls.
Loves reading (munching on?) books. 
The wiggliest, most active kid around.
Loves bouncing on the trampoline at the tumble gym (even though he's not allowed).
Has the cutest fake laugh and the cutest fake cry there ever was.
Started to swat people in the face. Not so fun. (violet.....? Jk Laur!!;)
And other than the one above, I can't think of anything negative to say about this kid. He is a pretty happy dude.
OH wait, I just thought of one. He loves to splash in the toilet water if we don't keep the door shut at all times. Triple gross.

We love you Frankie!!!

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