iphone photos worth mentioning (click to enlarge)

attempt at potty training #1 (failed) but atleast we captured some cute undie shots.

Vinny's getting into coloring and drawing lately. Mainly circles.

Me and this guy at the byu basketball game

my little boyfriend with us at the game (he loves going and is so good)

Violet came to town!

Cookie decorating at grandmas

we visited santa. it was all business. he marched right up, told him what he wanted, and jumped right off his lap and back to us.

Dance Your Ax Off Party. Just what these mamas needed. So much fun.

Frankie meets Santa!

Jayne's preschool Christmas party.

Jayne needs a sister. Like, real bad.

Atl east best friends make up for it.

Knee pop at the Christmas train ride.

Sacred Gifts exhibit at the MOA (incredible)

Dessert and the Nutcracker with Sarah and Etta Neilson

Trying on Grandma's glasses

Frankie in a bow-tie


handsome face (not sure what is up with this photo. Oh well.

Movie night with Tay Tay babysitting.

Gingerbread house making at Grandma's!

Takato sent the kids cute Christmas cards. They were so happy.

Nativity at the family Christmas party.

and more dress-ups of course.

silly boy with a fishy face

and a different dress up to receive santa's gift


Grandpa Magleby's funeral - the snow was beautiful

Reading Polar Express with Dad before church

Secrets from Grandma 

Cuzzins before lunch

Early morning flash

All my loves snuggled up in one bed

Went to a wedding that I was lucky to photograph the engagements for. They hung them up on a pretty tree at the entrance. It was fun.

Sleepy boy

Ice castles at Midway with the fam!

Jayne's second time skiing. She did great!

Shameless selfie of Frankie snuggling me after a diaper change during church 
(but mainly I wanted to capture my cute new shoes - HA)

New Years Eve party with the little people at PBR

scrunchy face

NEW YEAR KISS - with greasy gross bed hair. 

What we wish we were doing instead of staying up late. We're old. With kids = tired.

Dress ups with Josie and Josephine

hahaha I am scared for her teenage years.

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