iphone photos worth mentioning (click to enlarge)

Happy New Year!

Playing with Christmas gifts (bubble gun)

more indoor pool days. 

and playdates with friends

weekly date nights

and lots of nose picking

sibling love

museum is our go-to

lunch fun with this wild one

jayne art

snow morning chocolate chip pancakes

frankie's jail. kid won't stay contained anywhere.

love my sleeping babies..

jayne fashion

dress blanket.


surprised jayne with Frozen one evening (free movie site)


Jo has the touch

candle moocher on Grandpa's birthday

good times at Ollie's house

Underwear? Who needs them in the house?

Me and my baby

I was on the Bachelor. (Practically famous)

More movie nights

handsome face

Ice skating with my Jaynie girl!!!

classic car selfie with the seat belt. but, i did my hair for once in months and that is worth documenting (hear that kids?! i wasn't always the frumpy mom you see everyday!)

Date night with this boy

i'm the creeper mom that watches my kids sleep...

more jayne fashion

me in playdough form thanks to jaynie girl

"look mom! the number 4!"

Yours truly. Love it.

Cabela's with the fam

FHE making snack bags for the homeless (we have them up and down center)

and more sleeping photos... really? i should be embarrassed but i'm really not.

mmm that face

Snow day!

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Angie said...

I want your life. :) Beautiful moments, beautiful people, beautiful life! Love it.