Little Black Dress

 Monette bought these two little girl cousins a bunch of adorable matching outfits when Violet was in town for Christmas break. We had all these grand plans of taking pictures of them in each matching outfit, but with nap schedules for babies, mealtimes, minimal daylight, and the chaos of everything else in life, we never got around to it - that is, until the night before they left town. I was determined to get one photo of them in something matching, so we threw on their little matching black dresses late one evening, and took a million photos in some terrible indoor lighting (most of them ending up blurry). Better to have something than nothing, right?! Vinny wanted in on a couple photos too. I love his face below....
And getting them to look and smile all with a slow shutter speed proved to be really, really difficult. But I think we managed to get a couple good ones in there! Sure love these two little girlies so much. They are quickly becoming best little cousin friends. Looking forward to matching swimsuit days this summer at the pool!!!

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