Magleby Christmas 2013!

^we took a timed picture at home before heading up to alpine. the kids thought it was hilarious. vinny: "mom! the camera took the picture all by itself! that's soooo funny! how did it do that?!" then after we left, we remembered steve's hair was still in a ponytail. fail.^

We had a wonderful Christmas this year spent with Steve's family up in Alpine. Steve's sister and her husband and their little girl flew into town so everyone was there. It was fun having all the little grandkids there and spending it all together. Jayne and Vinny were especially fun this year, as they understood the whole concept of Santa Claus and presents and all that jazz. We were sure to tell them what we really celebrate this time of year, Christ's birth, but you know how it goes.... kids were most excited for Santa to come down the chimney while they were sleeping and leave them presents. What kids aren't??? Any way, it was so fun to see them so excited Christmas morning. Steve and I didn't even do gifts for each other this year because we went to Disneyland and considered that our big gift, but I didn't even mind one little bit because it was SO fun to live it through my children!

^getting franks to sit still for a photo is pretty much impossible^

^family photo sans the ponytail. yay!^

^outtakes. frankie: hey! be careful, don't cut me out over here!^

^vinny: only two more pictures cause i'm two.^

^grandkids! matching sweaters with violet!^

^close-up. Vi seems concerned. Vinny was getting mad that Frankie was squirmy.^

^the beautiful table decor. are we at all surprised?^

^the food. perfectly delish.^

^cookies for santa!^

^cousin tubby time!^

^Christmas jammies^

^violet: "I love Christmas jammies!"

^jayne: "I just want to copy violet!"^

^ready for bed^

^appreciates a facial massage at such a young age. thataboy.^

^he seriously stayed so still for the longest time.^

^christmas jammies and new shoes!^

^the kids asked for scooters from santa. a red lightning mcqueen scooter (vinn) and a pink princess sparkly scooter (jayne) to be exact.^

^these little people made christmas morning the most fun. christmas with kids is the best. plain and simple.^

^jayne has been obsessed with all things "Frozen" since we saw the movie. Here she is showing off her new doll, in her new dress.^

^J got the sweetest tea set from her Grandma and Grandpa. This is right up her alley. Now she can have tea parties with her toys with a real set.^

^vinny was ecstatic when he opened up his cars microdrifters track he has been asking for for months since he saw it on a commercial on yo-gabba gabba. Here he is doing his victory dance with his aunt kate when the car lands on the finish pad.^

^lucky girl!!!!^

^oh you know, just a christmas morning princess ball to the Frozen songs.^

^yes, those are real homecoming dresses and a legit wedding dress with antique lace being worn on us adult women.^

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

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