We woke up one morning to a winter wonderland. We bundled up in our snow clothes and spent the morning outside playing while Frankie napped. We made snow angels, had snowball fights, made a snow fort, and even a cute little snowman!  I am all about a good snowfall. I firmly believe that in order for the cold to be bearable, that it should at least be snowing. In fact, snow us in! I love me a cozy warm house and the excuse to not go anywhere or be anywhere or do anything (what does that say about me exactly?). Any way, I love playing in the snow too, especially when it means yummy hot chocolate with marshmallows as a reward for numb fingers and toes.
picking up the snow..
sizing up his target while forming his own little mashed up snowball...
....and bam!...right on the leg...everytime...
....you got him bad Vinn, you got him bad.
taking a nap in the "snow fort"

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