We spent several days post Christmas up at the Magleby cabin in Sundance. We stayed up late playing games, ate way too much yummy food, and wore lounge-wear (aka pajamas?) all the live long day. The kids loved playing toys, and Jayne thoroughly enjoyed getting into the trunk of dress-ups there with her cousin Josie. Jayne and I even hit the slopes one afternoon. More on that later. It was a great several days spent together with family. The one small exception was Vinny, who was in quite the funk over our cabin stay - he was as clingy as could be and just not his usual self. I think being thrown out of his usual routine, even for a fun cabin getaway, was throwing him for a loop. Poor boy. He was so worn out from whining one day that he just climbed up on the couch and put himself to sleep. I am happy to say that since we've been home he is his usual chipper self. Frankie was being extra cute one evening in that hat of his, so I snapped a few photos. Jayne happened to come upstairs in one of her fancy dress-ups as this photoshoot was being taken. Can we all take a moment and appreciate her knee pop and pointed toe? That girl!

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