my little people.

just a fun little shoot after church on sunday. jayne ran off before i could get some solo shots of her, but i must say, those two little boys above couldn't get any cuter. mister v is turning three next saturday and i am at a loss for words. it boggles my mind that it was a whole year ago that i was pregnant and having his yo gabba gabba 2nd birthday party. he was little enough to still be sitting in a highchair. but i swear it was just a few months ago. time needs to slow down dangit!!! and soon to follow, frankie... my sweet baby franks.... will be turning one. ONE!!! i am not okay with this people. at this rate, i am going to give birth to a one year old next go around because time keeps getting exponentially faster with each child. meanwhile, jayne has been talking about her birthday party since the day after her birthday party last year, so it feels like she should have turned 5 months ago. ha. 

sure love these little people of mine.

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