New Year Resolutions - February 1st style!

I felt so blah about resolutions this new year at first. Not that I didn't want to work on areas I certainly need working on, but because I know myself all too well - in that, when I make a strict list of NYR for myself, I always, ALWAYS fail early on in the year and then ultimately, I give up. I'm talking the type of resolutions that are typically very specific, and usually involve food and/or working out, like: dessert only ONCE a week, work out for an hour 3-4 X a week, no soda, etc. As soon as I have a funky day and I cave, I feel like a failure and then I don't have the motivation to keep trying.

Or maybe I felt blah about making a list of NYR because trying to commit to starting that list January 1st seemed like a joke to me. December was one big crazy awesome blur of preparing for Christmas with kids, relishing in the holidays, and spending lots of quality time with family that when January hits - cold, bleak, no-more-vacationing-time-to-clean-up-christmas-decorations-and-the-whole-house-and-wish-it-was-summer-JANUARY, it seems like the perfect excuse to wanna stay in your PJs all day and throw a NYR list out in the snow. Can we all just admit that January is kind of terrible? I am a firm believer now in Feb. 1st NYR! Give me the month of January to get over my holiday hang over, please.

Albeit, Steve's Grandpa's passing this December certainly had me thinking about the many areas in my life I want to focus and improve on - areas that seem really important when you begin thinking about life and death and what you want out of this very short but beautiful life here in earth. What you want for your marriage, your family, your kids. Your relationships with people. Your relationship with God. All those things had me on my knees daily, praying & reflecting on my life leading to where I am now, and what I want with my life in the years to come.

So this leads me to today, February 1st. The day I publicly "start" my NYR. Not just up until December 31st, but with hope that they will become more ingrained in me and feel like second nature in the many years to come. I'm also going in with an open mind, that I am probably at some point going to fail at some of these goals. Maybe all of them. Maybe often. But more importantly, that despite failure, I am not going to give up, I am going to keep trying! Every single day!

I've chosen not to share my resolutions on the blog - some are very personal, some are not - most of them are less specific and more general goals of how I hope to live my life with those I love most. Maybe over the course of the year I will share some of the things I am working on as I continue blogging (one of my goals - to blog and journal more frequently).

I hope you are all having a lovely start to the new year! 2013 was so good to us, and I so look forward to what 2014 has in store for our little family.

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