Valentine's Day!

our traditional valentine's day family breakfast - (and some reese's treats for the kids)
you can't tell - but we had heart shaped german pancakes (jayne's request)
my littlest valentine
love a day to love on these munchkins even more than i already do!
it was all fine and dandy.....
....until frankie didn't like feeling so smooshed
nothing a little balancing act with dad can't fix
some of the art from the kids as valentine's decorations this year
vinny's door of art - he is getting pretty good! he is all about circles lately and has even learned how to do hearts too (with a round bottom - so cute)
Jayne's door of art - maybe 4% of all the art she created in the last few weeks
and some balloon photo fun

Another great Valentine's Day with kids!!! We had our traditional family breakfast, got ready for a party we hosted for their little friends that morning, decorated sugar cookies and had a valentines exchange with said little friends, ate waaaay too much candy and junk throughout the day, and then ended the night with a romantic family dinner at chik-fil-a (kids choice).

Hope you all had a special Valentine's Day with those you love!

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