Vinny Turns 3!

My sweet little Vincent Eric turned 3 on Saturday. I can not believe my little boy is THREE! I remember so clearly going into the hospital on Valentine's day with what we feared was a stroke and ended up being a "complicated migraine", totally unaware that I would be delivering him early the next morning. Even though I missed all the romantic plans Steve and I had for that Valentine's night, we couldn't have asked for a better Valentine's gift bringing our little V into the world! 

For his birthday party he asked for a Cars party. Then about a couple weeks leading up to the big day he said "mom, i want a cars AND yo gabba gabba party." He had a yo gabba gabba themed party last year, and since I didn't have it in me to do a full blown yo gabba gabba theme with a Cars theme this year, I just used the cake toppers that I had saved from last year and put them on the cupcakes (white cupcakes with browned butter frosting if you are wondering - you should be wondering - they are unreal - thanks traci for the recipe!) and voila! we had a little yo gabba gabba thrown in and everyone was happy. As part of the Cars theme, the kids raced against each other on their very own "cars." And if you can't tell from the above photo, our very competitive Jayne made sure to claim 1st place... other fun included red light green light, freeze dancing, pizza and cupcakes, opening gifts, and then just running free around the gym and down the slide. Special thanks to my in-laws for letting us use their great space. It has been the best spot for a winter birthday. Everyone had a great time! After the party, Steve took Vinny to a monster truck show in SLC. He absolutely loved it and I think especially enjoyed some one on one time with Dad doing manly things.

Vinny has been such a joy in our family. Not only is he the most handsome looking thing around and kills me daily with that face of his (those big hazel eyes and long black eyelashes...), but he also cracks me up with his sharp sense of humor, melts me with his tender acts of affection (asking me for a kiss and a hug, or to snuggle, or drawing me a picture), impresses us by his love and natural ability for sports (especially soccer), and makes me so proud by his good manners and kind personality.  I can't even count how many times I am told by others who have watched him with their kids, say that he is such an easy and good boy to babysit. Quick to share, never hitting when a toy gets stolen from him, and very gentle with younger babies (which somewhat surprised me because he is pretty rough with frankie - in a loving way though). I am so grateful for his sweet and sensitive spirit, who needs just a "you're in trouble" look to feel guilty and sad (and who used to cry as a baby whenever he heard Jayne cry), and who still cries hard if he hurts someone's feelings unintentionally. I know I am his mama, but I don't think I am biased when I say that Vinny is just a GOOD KID. Everyone that meets him says the same. And I know it has less to do with me and steve and much more with the little spirit he was born with, and blessed our lives with, and I just feel so lucky that he is ours.

Happy Birthday Vinn. We love you! 

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