Love my Jayne. Wanted to do an update on her. Some are the same in posts past, but I am rewriting them anyway so I can remember what has stayed and what has changed.

At 4 1/2 Jayne loves....

Painting, crafting, coloring.... anything art related. She will do on average 15 art pieces a day, and they are all really really good. I have too many pictures on my phone of all her art and no room in my house to save them all. They are taped up on numerous doors and walls in our home and I LOVE it. I am so glad she has such a passion for it. But really, what do I do with all her artwork? So hard to throw away, but I know I can't keep every single one....

Loves to pick out her own outfits and play dress ups with friends. The other day she drew dresses that she "wanted made so she could wear them." So now I have my own little fashion designer on my hands. I've been letting herself get dressed on her own for the most part. Makes for some interesting outfits on occasion - and other times she matches really well. Kind of funny. I'll have to share some pictures in another blog post. 

Loves "line cheese" (shredded cheese), crackers dipped into peanut butter, toast, chocolate cliff bars, and apple slices.

Loves playing with Savannah, Ellie, Johanna, Ruby, Etta.

Still sleeps with Monkey and often takes him with her places too. 

Still our little fish and loves swimming at the Rec center. Also loves playing outdoors, going on bikerides, playing with friends, having "picnics" indoors, collecting things outside, and watching shows/movies.

Such a great big sister to Vinny and Frankie. The other day she said, "Mom, I just can't believe you had Frankie and named him Frankie and he's just so cute and I love him so much! Like, when I look at him I just start to shake like this and I close my teeth really hard and I just want to squeeze him!" Vinny doesn't get quite the same enthusiasm from his sister, but they are still really good buddies and play together really well. 

She is the most tenderhearted thing. She is a good girl who really tries to do the right thing. I love it about her. She's easy to teach and quick to learn. She loves talking about Jesus and Heavenly Father and is always the one to grab the scriptures for us to read at bedtime. However, one time we were reading about Samuel the Lamanite and Jayne was being irreverent and wasn't listening and when we were done we asked, "Jayne, were you even listening?"
Jayne: "Yes."
Me: "Who was the prophet we were reading about?"
Jayne: "...... John Smith?"
Steve and I were dying laughing.

Is obsessed with her birthday. I can't go one day without her asking more than once if we can do something on her birthday, or if she can have something at her party, etc. etc. This has been happening since her birthday last year!

Has a really sharp memory. She will remember things that seriously shock me. And whenever I ask her how she remembers she always says "It's just stuck in my head."

Dislikes cold drinks (always asks for "warm water"), going to bed without snuggling, the dark, dogs (even teeny tiny puppies), going potty before the very last minute, veggies (except carrots and green beans), white milk, and I'm sure I'll think of more to add to the list later on...

My big helper. She went through a sassy difficult phase several months ago, but has since been my easy child. She is quick to help, and quick to apologize when she does something wrong. Her tantrums are becoming few and far between. I feel like she can go anywhere with me and is as easy as can be. 

My snuggler. Like I said above, at night she won't go to bed without a few extra minutes of snuggling, backtickling, and chatting. I try and cherish those moments (even though sometimes all I wish is for her to just go to sleep so I can try and get some stuff done!) because I know one day she may not want to anymore. And I hate that thought. She'll ask me questions about things or we'll chat about the day. I love how deep her thoughts are at times and how I feel like we can chat so easily about anything.

My little dancer. She loves music, but especially dancing her own interpretation to music. Anyone who has seen her knows she's a natural. She started ballet this past month and it has brought me such joy to have a daughter doing ballet! Like, what?! I've been dreaming about this since I was married thinking about having a daughter doing ballet. So much fun. She loves her class and her teacher. And she loves going to ballets and dance performances. We went to Swan Lake with my mother-in-law a little bit ago and while waiting for it to start Jayne said, "I'm so excited my toes are tickling!"

She's the most beautiful thing. And it makes me a little sad to see how grown up she is becoming. She's not even a toddler anymore. It's so weird. She came with me on my birthday to get our nails done and it hit me how old she is getting. 
I love how she's growing and seeing the person she is becoming, but I am the sappy little mama who cries quietly to herself sometimes when I think about how quickly it is all happening. 

We're so glad she's ours and couldn't love her more.

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