On turning 28.

So as many of you already know, I turned 28 on the 10th. Weird, I know. I'm getting old (all you "for real" old people reading this are probably laughing... mom? dad?). I'm at the awkward age now where I'm starting to notice that girls out here in their younger twenties are looking more beautiful and more youthful than myself. Smoother, tighter skin... no dark circles under their eyes...bodies that see the gym more frequently and that get to sleep in - uninterrupted - past 7am.  It's weird to think that they probably look at me and know I must be older. Yikes. Not even sure if it's the age difference or the fact that I've been pregnant three more times than these girls and have three children who are sucking the life out of me ;) I'd be lying if I said the marks of aging aren't bothering me and that I don't miss my youthful looking pre-baby body. Regardless, I am trying to embrace it - my fine lines, dark circles, and everything that I know my 28s are gonna offer. 28, be good to me!

I had a wonderful birthday this year. I woke up to Jayne and Vinny bringing me five drawings each in bed, a green smoothie (my request - since I was going out to breakfast with Crystal that morning) and beautiful flowers from Steve, and all my little munchkins climbing in bed with me to give me birthday kisses and snuggles. Crystal treated me to a delicious breakfast at Gurus down the street. I ordered the blueberry pancakes and wasn't disappointed. I still prefer me some Magleby's French Toast, but I was glad to switch it up. After breakfast, I picked up Jayne and we went and got our nails done! This was her first time getting them done at a salon and it was SO fun. She loved it. I think I loved it even more, just knowing that I have a daughter that I get to do this fun stuff with now. She's getting so grown up, I can't even believe it. That night, I went out to dinner with family at Happy Sumo, and then from there we met up with some friends at The Chocolate for some birthday cake. After dessert, Steve took me to see Non-Stop with Liam Neeson. It was okay, didn't love the movie, but I was just so thrilled to get my movie experience I had been craving for quite some time (love me some movie theater popcorn, cherry coke, and bunch-a-crunch!).

I received so much love from so many on my birthday - whether it was through gifts, phone calls, texts, messages online, you name it. It was just a good day all around, and I feel really grateful for all the wonderful people that surround me in my life. I'm a lucky girl.

So here's to turning 28! I sure look forward to what this year has to bring. My 20's have been so SO good to me. I feel so incredibly grateful for all we have been blessed with as a little family. And while I may cringe a little at saying goodbye to my youth each passing year, I look forward to my 30's approaching and all the wonderful things that I know are coming my way as I age, grow, live, and learn.

But maybe in the meantime someone could recommend a good wrinkle cream for me? ;)

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