our month of march according to my iphone

Papa and Gigi came to town!!!

Snuggle bug

Jayne art

We made a paper elsa dress one morning. Funniest part was watching her try to walk in it.

Cousins are the best

Provo rec swimming with papa and gigi!

Climbing the rock wall with Papa

this girl is a pro... in snow boots no less!

Great day skiing with my Dad

Visiting Uncle Tay Tay at work!


Highchair shenanigans

Love this kid

Fairy Tea Party at the Provo Library with little girlfriends. It was awesome!

A fairy ballet performance before eating

Dancing with fairies after the tea party

Love these girls

Cute cousins

Grateful to have this little girly in my life!

Accidental twinners with Aunt Kate!

Bike rides in the Nihola with this cutie

Our sweet tooth

I turned 28!

Movie with my man on my birthday

Got nails done with my girly for my birthday

Just some cute frankiness

Vinny. Haha

and a close up.

Celebrated Savannah's birthday! This picture kills me (this is actually not from my iphone but whatever!)

This kid moves around all over the place when he sleeps. How he manages to not fall off his bed amazes me.

Green smoothie mustache.

The most bomb dessert at Gloria's little italy

Selfie. I think maybe I got my hair done this day?

Cute swim bum

Celebrated Frankie's 1st birthday at the pool with cousins! (separate post below)

Lots of animals keeping her company

Birthday card from Grandma Middie that Frankie was obsessed with

Happy Birthday to Charlie!!!

"Picnics" nearly everyday around the house coordinated by Jayne

Ice cream with friends! Frank is happy about it!

First sleepover!

Science Day at the Provo Rec

First time any of my kids have fallen asleep while eating in the highchair. 

Lots of bikerides

Frankie showing some love to a rented puppy on Savannah's birthday 

Dress ups

Hot day in March! We had a pool day!

Happy as can be. (ignore me and the food in my teeth)

I bought a pair of birks. First pair since 4th grade.

Jayne dresses herself for bedtime.

Swinging face.

Yummy boy

Sibling bonding

Frankie's face... he's not impressed

Happened to be driving  by the provo temple as they were putting on the Angel Moroni!!! had to pull over and get a closer look!

And lastly... some Jayne art:

a framed kitty cat. She got the idea from one of her books.

me going on an airplane with frankie (leaving for florida in april)

making sure my sign does not go unnoticed

(Jayne was afraid of the puppy at Crystal's house so she came home and made this sign and put it on the door. "No puppy's allowed")

ironic since she HATES getting her hair brushed

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