Franklin's 1st Birthday

Our Frankie Reuben turned 1 on St. Patrick's Day! My baby is ONE people. And as cliche as cliches can get... It feels like he was born yesterday, I can't believe how fast this year has flown by, I blinked and he was one, etc. etc. etc. What the heck! Don't get me wrong, I love the age he's at, it's so fun, but I always ache knowing my babies will never be babies ever again.

I thought with this being his first birthday we'd go full blown St. Patty's Day theme and just embrace the two holidays together. Green and gold balloons, green colored breakfast, green clothes, green cupcakes for dessert... you get the drill. It was a great day. We even went swimming at the Provo Rec Center - his favorite activity in the whole wide world (besides nursing). He was in heaven. I posted a video on instagram that I'll have to post on the blog when I transfer the hundreds of photos and video I have on there. 

That evening we had family over for cupcakes and ice cream.  Frankie was spoiled with a lot of gifts - and I think Vinny felt it was just as much as his birthday as it was Frankie's because he was loving every gift Frankie was opening up knowing that he would get to enjoy it as well. Frankie got so much lovin' that day. He's a lucky kid. After dessert, we went to visit Grandma Middie at the care center where she was recovering from knee surgery. She gave Frankie a singing birthday card and he was OBSESSED. I'm pretty sure he was more excited about that then any of his other gifts. Pretty cute. 

And below, one too many pictures.....


Loves running around everywhere. 
Obsessed with his big brother and sister. 
Loves to nurse. 
Can sign "food" "more please" "thank you" and "all done"
Pants like a puppy dog (or more like the sound you make after you drink something really good "ah! ah!") for a "drink" (pretty darn cute)
Looooves giving kisses. He'll give them out freely and over and over again.
Is becoming quite the "chatterbox" (as in, babbling as if you know what he's saying but no real words)
Can say "mama" clearly but not quite saying "dada" too clearly (sorry steve)
Obsessed with his Uncle Tay Tay (my brother Taylor)
Can do all the motions to patty-cake
Loves baby food pouches, oatmeal, mac n' cheese, bananas, nutrigrain bars, smoothies, ham and cheese, chicken nuggets, and anything sweet. 
Is super weird about textures and won't eat any fruits or vegetables as they are (except bananas - which is a recent improvement - and why we are still feeding him baby food pouches to get in the good stuff). This kid is by far my pickiest eater.
Sleeps like a champ. 
Has 8 teeth and 2 more on the way.
HATES diaper changes (you think he'd be used to them by now)
Loves the shower and tubby time. He'll wiggle and squeal with excitement every time we go upstairs in the evening to take a shower. He knows the routine.
Likes to feed himself with utensils and will try and grab the utensil out of your hand if you are doing it.
Loves swimming and is our little fishy just like his big sister. 
Loves the outdoors and if we leave the backdoor open ever he will escape like a bandit.
Still loves to try and splash in the toilet
Never cared for his stuffed animals but downright obsessed with his blanky (and binky).
Has the highest pitched scream when he is mad or sad (a quality we would gladly do without).
Loves soccer balls and cars and will kick and pass a ball around all day long.
Scoots the cars around the house all day long.
Loves dunking the basketball in the hoop.
Loves to dance! If he hears music way off in the distance he will still get his groove on.
Dislikes being read to, and will try and grab the book out of your hands so he can do it himself.
Will grab your hand and take you to something he wants.
Will snuggle on command (one of my favorite things).
Is the biggest mooch. If you are eating around him, expect to share.
Is a giggly little boy who is super easy to get to smile or laugh.
Constantly mistaken for a girl (he's a 'pretty boy' and I'm more than okay with that).
Kills me with his big blue eyes and big smile. Always gets compliments about those two things.
A true mama's boy, unless Uncle Tay Tay is around then I come in 2nd. Kind of hilarious.
Is the sweetest boy around and everyone who knows him can't help but fall in love!

Happy 1st birthday Franklin! We love you!

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