our month of april according to my iphone

Told our families we were pregnant on April Fools Day because we thought it would be funny to see who actually believed us. We first sent an ultrasound picture with no name or date on it (so they would think it was a fools joke) and then after they all thought they were so smart we sent the picture about showing name and date, etc. Turns out the joke was on us because they STILL wouldn't believe us and continued to question days after.... hahaha. 

Nursing and hanging out with this boy in the mornings. 
He went until the end of April and then didn't want to nurse any more :(  I miss it....

Insists on painting her own nails

Frankie's first ever drawing! Jayne set him all up. 

Conference motivation for the little ones

Dad serves as a great bed for conference

Spring break with Dad!

Took the kids to the salt lake zoo

and the baltimore aquarium!

And the park!

Easter egg hunt and decorating peanut butter eggs at Grandma Porters

Keeping up with the Joneses (click to enlarge and you'll see what i'm talking about) 

Mommy Daughter Date with this one after my trip to Florida!

The many faces of Jayne...

Sweet notes and artwork and cupcakes from the kids as a welcome home from my trip! Love them.

Ventured to the park with 6 kids in tow. It was a party.

Farewell dinner for Lauren Chris and baby Charlie!

Met up with friends we wish we saw more often!

Rainy day walk with Jayne

Morning snuggles with Dad

Park time with this boy!

Potty trained and we are happy about it!

Gurus with these 3 munchkins and no husband. Pregnancy makes you do crazy things.

Perfect kite day!

Good times with cousin Mollie

Jayne's "cool" face

And of course, a few favorites of Jayne's art!:


Not titled but I love it

Inspired by The Little Princess

A crown she made all on her own

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