Happy Father's Day to our favorite!

We are the luckiest to have this guy in our lives. I knew Steve was gonna make a great Dad when I married him, but I had NO IDEA that he would exceed my expectations above and beyond then I ever thought possible. The thing about Steve that makes him different from some other Dads out there is that he genuinely ENJOYS being a Dad and being around his kids and doing things with them and for them. He's affectionate, firm when he needs to be, patient, playful, creative, gentle, and all around awesome in the Daddy role. He gets up with the kids nearly every morning (even if he hasn't slept well the night before) and snuggles them and feeds them breakfast before I make my way out of bed. This has worked well for us as he is usually gone during bedtime and I know the kids truly love having their Dad around for them in the morning in this way. He takes them on dates, bring them to work with him sometimes, and gets excited to take them to things that he knows they'll love (movies, bike rides, donut runs, museums, fairs, shows, etc.). They love him so much and it is my favorite thing to watch their relationships grow with each other and see how much they care about him and admire him and think the world of him. He's passion for fatherhood seems to grow with each addition to our family and makes me fall in love with him more and more everyday.
He really is the best. Not that I'm biased or anything.. ;)

Happy Father's Day to our favorite Dad in the whole wide world!

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