Jayne's First Ballet Recital

Jayne had her very first ever ballet recital last Saturday! It was one of those days I will never forget. Jayne was born a dancer. Even as a little baby she would shake and groove to the beat of the music. Today she continues to love and dance and do her own dance interpretations to music, and especially loved taking her first ballet class this year at Hi Light Dance. It was a joy for me to watch her classes and see how natural she was and how much she enjoyed it. One of those moments I looked forward to when I knew I was carrying a little girl in my belly.

Jayne lucked out big time because she happened to sign up for the same class her cousin Mollie and her friend Katherine from preschool were in! She was so happy to have two other close friends in her class. Jayne and Mollie had a lot of fun the day of the recital, sitting by each other and being silly together as they waited for it to start. They did two different dances. A Kitty Cat dance (where they swapped the bows for kitty ears and a tail and a bowtie but with the same dress) and then another dance performance (can't remember the name but I have it on her program) where they wore what they are wearing below. I will have to upload the video as well. But below are the pictures!....

It was so hot in the auditorium with all the families and the dancing going on.... this poor kid was sick too which made for a bad combination... but he was a lot more content after being held in front of the massive fans that were stationed at the doors. 

Grandma and Jayne. Grandma and Josephine and Kate came to watch and Grandma gave her flowers.

Savannah, Crystal, Emory, Lauren, Chris, Charlie, Jayson, and Taylor were also there in attendance. Jayne is lucky to be loved from so many people and to have so many people who wanted to come out and support her. Here are Jayne and Savannah after the show. 

I love this one. I think Savannah wanted to be in Jayne's shoes in this particular day. She even got sad during the show because she wanted to be up on stage dancing. 

Not sure where Vinny was...

And the many faces of Jayne....!

Another funny story from the day. At the end of the performance the head teacher was handing out trophies to all of the seniors... and all the trophies were displayed on this large table. Before handing them out, all the dancers were up on stage for one last finale, and when it was over parents were coming to usher their children out. Grandma went down to the stage to get Jayne to find her standing RIGHT by the teacher and the trophy table... lingering and with a longing look in her eye as if waiting patiently for HER trophy to be handed to her. Too funny. At least she was content being spoiled with flowers instead :)

We are so proud of you Jayne. You were wonderful! We love you!

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