our month of may according to my iphone!

Women's Conference Luncheon with these two beauties!

Poor Jaynie girl under the weather

Tubby time!

Pretty day outdoors

More park time

Our first Hokulia of the season! Hurray!

Cutie in Uncle Max's hand-me-down church outfit

Vinny is in a big dinosaur phase. He loves all things dinosaurs and loves playing with grandma's huge dinosaur stash.

More Frankie cause... why not?!

13 week baby bump

Did a no-sugar eating challenge. Lasted 17 days.


Sickies snuggling together

Celebrated Jayson's birthday at Tucanos!

Had a rough week. It called for a selfie?

Flowers nearly everyday from Jayne

Tower city by Vinny!

More pool time with this cute bum!

Jayne's outfit of choice. Gotta love it.

She's in a serious toast with butter and sprinkled parmesan cheese on top.

Date night to Sweet Tooth and a dance performance!

Love her!!!

Showing off her dress Grandma made her

Princess Tea Party at the Gap

Nap time

Mother's Day breakfast in bed

Mother's Day photos with my favorite little people

Dinner and FHE at the Neilsons!

Kids being independent and making their own food

Good times at the Dino Museum

Jayne's last day of preschool! She brought donuts from the bakery to celebrate her summer birthday.

At color-me-mine maknig me my special mother's day bowl

Do you think she was excited??

Breakfast in bed from my loved ones... getting spoiled this pregnancy

Went to the doc when we noticed Frankie's ginormous lymph nodes and found out he had mono. 

Jayne's creative work space

Lots of homemade pizza nights

Cute frankie bum sleeping away

Stretching before our family race for Ghana!

A post race Jayne contemplating how she wished she had a medal

Fun at grandmas!

Music class at the park!

Our poppies in full bloom :)

Frankie reminding me to pray after trying to feed him his food. 

Jayne's preschool graduation! And so mad I forgot to bring my nicer camera to document. Oh well. 

The one and only smiley photo and then she was done.

This is what happens when you try to get jayne to smile when she isn't up for it...


They displayed one of Jayne's art pieces in the art classroom. Beautiful!

Friends who so lovingly take my kids for a day while I am under the weather.

My kids love Ashley's house

More flowers from Jayne... sweet girl

Making a boat at Crystal's

Cute photos sent to me of Steve and the boys celebrating after their unexpected win!

More carousel of course! This boy loves the elephant if you haven't already noticed.

A not so happy Frankie on the carousel. It was a rough day for this one.

Fun at the Museum of Natural Curiosity

Just a picture of this cute face that I love so much.

Memorial weekend visiting family

Cousin love?

Loving the hummingbirds

Visiting Grandpa Frank!

Morning donut run!

One of the first pool days of the summer

And lastly, some favorite art pieces. I think some of these might be from months prior but were taken on my iphone because i couldn't remember if I had already snapped a photo of it or not. Oh well. Here they are!

First, a couple from Vinny:

And Jayne:

Sick notes for her teachers. I love the throwing up drawing, haha!

Glued on her favorite art pieces to paper. Oh boy.

A beautiful roraboreolus (sp??)

Practicing writing by finding things to write in her view (she was looking at her cookbook)

Jayne on a school bus! Too bad we live so close to her elementary school she won't be riding one anytime soon...

Me and Steve looking good!

Me and Frankie at the beach with a "hula girl"

A happy "M"

A homemade kite!

A butterfly princess

Me vacuuming in style

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