Tulip Festival!

Attending tulip festival has become an annual tradition for our family. This year did not disappoint, in fact, I would say this year was one of the best we have seen! There were so many tulips and so vibrant in color. I wish I hadn't been too lazy to bring nicer camera - which is why these are all iphone pics. They will hardly do these flowers justice. Oh well. 

Poor Jayne was sick with the stomach bug the day before and was still recuperating the morning of. In fact, she threw up just before we left for the Tulip Festival. We were just going to bag it and stay home, but Jayne was bawling when she got wind that we wouldn't do it anymore and was begging and begging to still go through tears. We didn't have it in us to say no (and it was the last day of the year so the only time she'd be able to see it) so we took her! She didn't complain once! She walked for part and sat contently in the stroller for parts, only asking to get out when she wanted to get a closer look or to smell the tulips. Sweet girl.

Loved how Frankie just wanted to hold on to Dad's finger most of the time.

Monkeying around with Dad and making mama nervous of course.

Doing her best to smile

Poor girly... still so beautiful. 

Shorts a little too big for this diaperless kid! ;)

All in all a great afternoon!

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