We took our annual pictures up at the poppy field, as is tradition. I think this is the 6th year we have done it. We got there in the nick of time too. Sadly, lots of the poppies had already withered away to black stubs (that you can see in the background of a lot of our photos). I feel like we are either there a week too early or a week too late, but we managed to get some cute shots with what was left, and that bright red pop of color goes a long way even if it's not at its prime. 

It was kind of nice being the only ones there, even if it meant no group family shot. We didn't have to worry about ruining anyone else's shots and the kids could just do their thing. They loved running around wherever they wanted, and were decently cooperative for pictures when we bribed them with popsicles. Frankie was so funny. The very first two pictures we took while there (where he is sitting next to Vinny) he sat perfectly still and said "chee!"(cheese). Then after two shots he stood up with a scrunched up face (the picture right after the one of him and Vinn) and was DONE. No more sitting still or cheesing from him. It was like he's all "I did what you asked and that's all you get from me!" It's pretty much impossible to get everyone looking and smiling so we gave up with that pretty fast, but funny enough my very favorites out of the bunch are the candid ones of the kids sitting with Steve. They were laughing so hard at Frankie massaging and playing with Vinny's hair. Too cute. Love this family of mine so freaking much. Can't wait to add to it this fall. My heart could burst. 

**the last poppy shot with Vinny standing are with the poppies at my mother-in-law's home. They are as tall as he is!!!


Angie said...

i don't know why, but this post and all the pictures and your beautiful family make me so incredibly happy. i look forward to this phase of my life so much and your pictures and posts make me so excited!

J Hayley B said...

Bahaha I just love that these look like that one Mormon painter who paints Christ with the children....cause Steve once again has Jesus hair going on. Love it!