Porter Cousins Camp Thatcher, ID Edition (Part I)

Porter Cousins Camp took place up at Jody and Brett's ranch up in Thatcher, ID. Steve couldn't make it this year because of soccer, so I just went up with Jayne and Vinny and left the little man at home with him (and my sibs helped out when he had to coach). Being pregnant and tired I just didn't have it in me to chase wild Frankie all over the place for over two days. He would have loved it though. The ranch was beautiful. I mean, check out the views! Thatcher, ID is truly something special. It didn't hurt that the weather was fantastic. It was so pleasant we forgot to wear sunscreen the first day and burned our cheeks pretty bad. Oh well. We had such a great first day riding four wheelers, shooting guns, riding horses, playing with cousins, doing arts and crafts, playing outdoor games, and eating delicious food. We ended the day as any summer day outdoors should end - with s'mores around a campfire. 

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