Porter Cousins Camp Thatcher, ID Edition (Part II)

Day two of Porter Cousins Camp entailed more four wheeling and horse back riding. We donned our Porter Cousin T-shirts and went on a big family hike through the hills. There were cows everywhere (and a massive bull sited). I didn't last long the hike and was one of the lucky ones that got to drive one of the four wheelers with the little kids for the duration of the hike. After the hike we stopped by a neighbors home who graciously invited everyone over to try out his crazy motor car contraption (you could spin it in fast circles and was so much fun!) and his tire swing (the pictures of Violet kill me). After a late dinner we headed back to the hotel to grab our swimsuits and met up with everyone at the hot pools. Jayne was in heaven getting to stay up waaaaay (and I mean WAY) past her bedtime to play with cousins and swim in the hot pools. Vinny too. I stayed out of the water (baby belly and all) and took pictures. It was an exhausting day but equally as fun. The next morning we wrapped up cousins camp with breakfast, homemade rockets (that the kids got to decorate and fire off themselves) and then some service work around the ranch (scraping off the old paint on the barn and cleaning up). It was a successful cousins camp indeed- one of ours favorites for sure! We hope they have it there again next year.

.... and some more pictures of our time from my iphone!...


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