Oh July... where do I even begin?! July was amazing. It was packed to the brim and went by at lightning speed. We had fourth of July, Jayne's birthday, Camp Utah, and then a trip to MD for Deep Creek Lake all in one month. With other fun activities thrown in the mix. It was a perfect summer month and we made the most of it!


Last night as a 5 year old!

Little Mermaid Birthday per her request

Slurpy for our 7/11 girl

Sunday celebration

for camp utah we rode on the new sundance zipline! it was awesome!

just a little bit scared with the anticipation

Jayne ran under the waterfall! I'll have to try and upload the video

Baby's first RSL game! Can you stand his cuteness???

Hiked the Y in the dead of heat. It was killer. But we made it!


A must

Came out to find that my Dad has not one, but three porches. Second midlife crisis?

Heaven on earth!

Deep creek was another amazing year. I have many more photos to share. It is one of the things I look forward to most. The kids too. We love that we have a place to build all those memories together and love that the cousins get to grow up doing it together. I'm missing it so much just posting all these photos... can't wait to go back!

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