Hans Turns ONE!

Our baby boy turned one on November 7th. This kid is such a dream baby. While he can't walk or talk yet, he is as happy and good natured as they come. He still does his funny little one legged crawl, loves to eat mostly everything, and sleeps like a champ. All the kids adore him, which you can see below when they all came into his room and climbed in his crib in the early morning to welcome him on his birthday. 

We took Hans swimming since it's one of his favorite things to do!

All the kiddos taking it easy after swimming. We got a new couch and we love all the many bodies it can now hold!

Cake time! We had family over to sing happy birthday and have some ice cream cake. Hans went to town!

Happy boy while face timing Lauren and Charlie

And of course, a baba before bed!

We love you Hansy Boy!

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