This picture pretty much sums up May! It was crazy! The wildest thing about May was that we sold and moved out of our home that we lived in for the past 7 years. It was bittersweet, but I'll always be amazed at how much we were led and guided to get to where we needed to be. So many details in this process were undeniable at His plan for us. Incredible! Any way, moving was hectic and stressful but we somehow managed to squeeze a lot of fun in between. Here we go....!

That time Vinny came up to me with this tampon he found in my bag and asked me what it was... all while wearing swim goggles. LOL.

We went to the art fair at Wasatch to see some of Jayne's artwork that year. Tilly came with us too!

He knows what's comin'

Hans just killin it at the park

That time Mindy Gledhill serenaded everyone at Vinny's preschool class. She sang a song about a mother and son and it totally made me cry! (pregnant hormones)

Emory's stink face! Lol. I had a fun afternoon with these two in tow.

First stop, ivie!

Second stop, temple!

Sweet Jayne

More soccer!

Funny boy sticking underwear on his head. We used to do this ALL the time when we were kids.

A wonderful mother's day with my favorites

Jayne gave me this necklace for mother's day that she picked out of Grandma Porter's auction jewelry. Lol. Such a sweet gesture.

Cousins looking classy! ;)

That time she spoke Chinese and read chinese characters as we chatted with Elder Richards who is serving in Taiwan!

These two are the cutest cousin duo

Pregnancy nausea meant a lot of zupas runs that I would eat in bed. Exhaustion consumed me this month!

I can't even believe I am putting this on here, but it made me laugh so hard. I gave Frankie my phone while I changed his diaper one very early morning. Its no secret I was sick, tired, and not too thrilled this particular morning. Ha!

We got to watch this cutie and her big sister one day. Hans was loving having Gracie over to play. 

They almost look like they could be twins with their hair! 

Love this chica

Jampacked car on our way to the dinosaur museum!

Hans demanded to push Gracie in the stroller and would get so mad if we ever tried to intervene.

Baldy with shoes on the wrong feet.

Jayne looking cute for a mad hatter birthday party she went to

Vinny's preschool graduation!

I am so glad they were able to go to preschool together. 

Hans showing Dad some tricks while he was away

You can't really see here, but one day we had three HUGE vultures? hawks? I'm not really even sure but they were SO big. I was scared to even get out of our car until they flew away, haha. 

Fun with friends

Lots of snuggle action with sick mama

The cutest note from Jayne to Vinny

That time we saw people taking engagement photos in our driveaway

These girls decided to take some pictures too!

Cousin sleepovers are the best

Big hugs for Mrs. Avery! She was the best teacher ever!

Took Frankie and Hans to get some ice cream one day. If I'm being totally honest it was more for me than it was for them. I love me some gold medal ribbon, especially when I'm pregnant.

That time we found one of our checks made out to Monkey. I wonder what it was for....


Annual poppy field photo of the kiddos

We came at prime time! There were SO MANY. It was so sad though because there were a lot of bees and so the kids got scared and cranky and weren't really feeling up to taking a lot of photos. (not that it stopped me from trying ;)

Our final yard sale at the center street home. So many memories with this amazing woman who without hesitation and without even being asked would come and help us every single time. I love that Grandma Middie! We are exhausted but feeling pretty good. We did it!

After we boxed up our house I drove to alpine and got ready for Alison's dance party. I was so tired and almost didn't go but had already bought a ticket and figured I needed a little bit of fun. It was worth it! I did leave early though so I could get to bed. Haha.

May, you were memorable!

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