We made flower crowns for the girls and did a little photoshoot. We tested one out on Hansie first :)

Shining up Dad's trophy! Steve gave it to him and Vinny acted like he won gold!

Poor Jayne got so sick this month. She was out for a few days in a row. The kids were so anxious to play at the park so I brought the stroller for jayne to relax in.

Oh you know, just another sleeping Frank picture

My little tag-along buddy on the parade of homes!

Cousins Camp!!!! We look forward to this every year and the kids LOVE IT.

My brother Jayson took Jayne and Savannah on a fancy date to see a ballet performance.

The incredible "kids table" at Megan Foulger's wedding

The venue and table settings were incredible

Loved having this girl as my date!

Incredible views from the montage deer valley

We loved having the Reids in town for a good chunk of the summer. Hans and Grace were killing me over their love for each other.

Well, mostly Hans loving on Grace and she puts up with it :)

Steve's old sailor suit

Vinny passed out asleep

That time we spontaneously jumped in the car and drive to Boise to meet up with and surprise Steve at his soccer tournament! The kids did pretty good and the drive wasn't half bad.

Handsome Hans

Summer = ice cream

Went to the children's discovery museum in Boise

Walked around some fountains and met up with our friends the Turnbull's for dinner! We hadn't seen them in years and it was SO FUN to catch up with them and their cute kids. 

More cousin lovin'

Barbecue and playing in the river up the canyon

sooooo many heart eyes for this boy.

He just breathes JOY

James and Hans!

A fairy came and spent some time at the fairy house Jayne built at Grandma's!

Homemade crowns


Jayne is so sweet to her baby brother

Vinny found a snake!

Kids getting creative with boxes and making themselves into box trolls

Cool tricks by Jayne ;)

My friend Courtney was AMAZING and took my kids for a day so I could unpack and clean. It was heaven sent. Courtney if you read this, I FREAKING LOVE YOU.

We saw Charlotte's web at BYU. These girlies loved it.

Violet's expression here cracks me up in this photo!

Wearing another one of Steve's old sailor suits

Sunday Snuggles with Dad

Love that bum


Love them.

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