I took a quick headshot of these two because I just love them and want to remember their cute faces close up at this age.

Sledding at the cabin!

The gumby suit lives on!

Snuggled in a sea of blankets

Nothing like a warm fire up at the cabin

Hair twins!

Wearing Dad's old jammies

Those eyebrows are killer!

I can't remember why he was sad, but I made him some hot chocolate and it seemed to do the trick. That pouty face has a lot of power over me :)

Jake and Vinny warming up after playing in the snow

Love waking up to her every morning

She's delicious

These kids lived outside this winter. The snow offered endless hours of entertainment which was so nice for me while I relaxed inside with baby.

artwork at primary!

These boys think Max is the best (and they're right)

Pockets :)

Love this buddy of mine

Vinny might win as the most "obsessed" with Rose. He's too obsessed. Like, he wants to love on her so much that sometimes she cries because it's too much!

Couldn't resist these outrageously terrible but awesome dinosaur shirts that I knew the boys would love and matching sweats (I do love the sweats). They were SO excited.

They crack me up

Jayne's "quotes" for our quote board


Found Frankie asleep next to her one evening. Cutest thing.

Prettiest view

Nice Stinky eye

Ryan getting lucky

We had so much fun with Papa and Gigi in town. We stayed up at the cabin, played games, chatted into the wee hours of the night, and just had a great time altogether.

Bryson and Jen came up one night with their kids and it was so fun to see them.

Look at all that snow!

Baby Turk!

Adult dinner at Pizzeria. I love family dinners like this. We always end up talking for hours and then they pretty much have to kick us out as they're closing. Sure love my family.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!!

Love this guy

Someone taking care of Rosie

My friend Sarah texted me this photo. She found out shortly after Jayne left their house. How cute??

I dont know, but it makes me laugh!

Teaching her the art of video games

Steve took these kids to a play at BYU. Apparently it was really sad and all the kids cried. True story.

More snow!

More Jayne quotes

Lots of forts

And sleeping baby

Wrestling all day err day

Vinny asked me to make him a plate size cookie for after school. I do as I'm told.

Photo by Frankie :)

Ada and Jayne! Such cute friends

Rose not feeling so sure about being held by her big brother

Celebrating Chinese New Year with a delicious feast at our neighbors

Jayne practicing her rainbow art. She says she wants to be a rainbow for Halloween (one can never plan too early for such things)

The most adorable dress and coat from my mom

Love her!!!

Sleeping Frankie Frank

All three asleep at once!

The best tag along at movies

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