Hansie boy

Next up, Hansie boy! Here are some things I don't want to forget about Hans:

He loves yogurt and will eat half a big carton in one sitting for breakfast. He'll eat bananas and melon but not really any other fruit. He loves broccoli and will eat a ton of it if it's on the menu. Also, we make juice in the morning with a lot of greens and we call it "green juice" and whenever he sees me making some he asks for his own cup of it and will drink the whole thing. The other kids aren't fans but he loves it!

He is obsessed with his older brothers. He wants to do everything they are doing. And he'll copy everything they say like a little parrot. Sometimes when they get hurt, he will pretend to get hurt. So funny. Reminds us of Tommy in the Sandlot who repeats everything his brother Timmy says. It can be a little annoying when he has to have everything they have or wearing what they are wearing, or gets super sad that he doesn't get to go to school or play on a soccer team yet etc. but for the most part I just love how much he admires them.

He is a stocky kid. He still needs to learn a little more coordination and speed (he's a little awkward compared to his bigger brothers, lol) but as far as build - he's a thick kid! I love it.

He is still a great napper and will often go willingly without a fuss.

He loves playing with his neighbor Whit. It was so funny the first time he came over to play without Frankie or Vinny here and Hans didn't even know what to do. He was looking at Whit like, "ok, lead the way..." while Whit was looking at him the same way. Little brother problems. Finally I told Hans to show him the toys and go play together and he gave me this funny grin. So funny.

He is very timid of the pool. It is the one and only area that he won't try to copy his brothers (who jump and swim with no fear). He has to be held at all times. I'm hoping we can break that this summer!

He is a pathological liar when it comes to having a poopy diaper, haha. One time I even showed him the inside of his diaper because he kept insisting he was NOT POOPY even while I was wiping his bum and he looked at it and said "Nope. I not poopy." DENIAL.

He is FINALLY enjoying nursery at church. It took FOREVER to get to this point (a year?). He loves singing primary songs and doing the hand motions (CTR, Wise man, I believe in Christ)

He is a super snuggler. Loves to cuddle and lay his head on your shoulder. He loves reading books together. He laughs hysterically at this Itsy Bitsy spider book where you put her finger through the back of the book to move around the spider head.

He has a soft spot for Grandpa. He likes chilling with him, sitting on his lap, or snuggling him on the couch. It's really cute.

He is really sweet to Rose. My favorite is when he talks to her in a high pitched "mom" voice (why does that come so natural everybody including kids? Its so funny). He has never had a problem with her and I love that about him.

He is very persistent and likes to be independent. He wants to buckle himself in his carseat and gets really mad if I ever try to help him. He'll often push the stool in our kitchen to the counter to help himself to whatever he wants. It can sometimes be annoying but for the most part I'm proud that he feels capable and confident to do it.

He is the handsomest little thing with those big blue eyes. Everybody seems to have a soft spot for Hans. He's a good sharer (so long as you ask nicely) and cares about people. He's just a good boy, that Hans!

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