Vinny Vinn

Here are some things about Vinny lately!

Vinny is currently obsessed with youtube videos. More specifically the Stephen Sharer youtube videos (I snagged this pic of him watching it while trying on his new hat). He found them on the kids youtube app on the TV. I try to limit how much he is watching because he would seriously watch them all day if he could. Steve said under his breath the other day while it was on, "They're so weird..." to which Vinny replied, "No, they're cool!" haha. To his defense, the Sharer brothers grow on you after an episode or two, and if you can look past the constant "Yeah! Oh my gosh! No way! Oh yeah!" then you really start to like them ;) The first time I watched an episode with him, I found it hard to stop watching and actually found myself enjoying it. WILL THE NERF GUN SHOOT THROUGH THE COKE BOTTLE??? I MUST KNOW!!!! (do any of you have any idea what I'm talking about right now?)

I mentioned this a little bit in a previous post, but at night his favorite thing to do when I tuck him in is to talk. He'll say, "can we keep talking? Let's think of things to talk about." It makes me laugh because he is the spitting image of Steve, but if you know Steve, hye is not much of a talker (not that he doesn't have very stimulating and deep conversations:). Any way, its super cute because I feel like he gets that from me. I love to talk a little too much maybe, and it's really fun to talk with him.

Vinny is super strong and athletic. I mean, the kid can do 10 freaking pull ups on his own! He is always moving and burning off energy and his two little brothers seem to follow suit. He loves riding his bike, running, jumping, climbing, "working out" and most of all, PLAYING SOCCER. He started soccer at Steve's club and he loves it more than anything. If it's rained out, he is so bummed. Pretty cute to see him love it so much.

He's lost two teeth so far. The tooth fairy actually forgot to come for his second tooth (I know.) but he noticed when it was still dark outside so we reminded him that sometimes the tooth fairy comes right before the sun comes up and sure enough!... the tooth fairy snuck inside his room while he was upstairs ;) (thankfully Vinny has not questioned the veracity of the tooth fairy yet.. I don't know if I can handle another Jayne experience)

He loves playing with his neighbor friends (Liam and Jaeden) and his friend Jake from school. It's the first thing he'll ask to do when he gets home from school. They love playing outside and if its the weekend I'll let him play some videogames (his favorite). He also loves making paper airplanes from tutorials online and flying them outside. He's recently been wanting to learn origami.

Vinny is a sweetheart. He is very sensitive and gets really sad if he gets in trouble. It's tricky because I actually have to be more careful with him than any of my other kids in the way I respond when he gets in trouble. Even if I have an upset look with him, he will break down into tears. Compare that to Frankie who won't even bat an eye and isn't even phased when he gets in big trouble. It is sweet though and I love that about him. He's a tender little guy.

He loves all things Pokemon. He loves going on Pokemon hunts, learning about Pokemon from his Pokemon books, drawing Pokemon, snuggling his Pokemon stuffed animals at night, POKEMON POKEMON POKEMON. Lol. It's the rage these days! One time he quizzed me on the names of the pokemon on the cover of one of his books and I was actually pretty shocked how many I knew simply from living with these boys. Haha. I wonder what the next "thing" will be.

Vinny loves school and has the best teacher, Mrs. Werner. He is reading well, and learning to write better. I am loving this writing stage emerging because he is beginning to write notes. One time I found a note that he wrote for Rose. And it said "rose, you are so cute you cil me I love love love love You." I'm also surprised at what an artist he is becoming. He has gotten really good at drawing lately. It's really taken off, due in large part to his hobby of drawing pokemon by hand while he looks at pictures of them on the phone. Also, Vinny is a math whiz! He is really good at math and time, and will often make comments about things that have to do with numbers and I'm always surprised how much he knows.

He is such a heartbreaker. If you haven't seen my video of him on instagram during his Kindergarten program, you have to go watch it. I laugh just thinking about it. He is destined to break so many hearts, I feel for the girls in his future. I was sad though because he used to say he was going to marry me when he got older but he stopped recently as he's finally figured out that won't work. I was so sad. Vinny's future wife is one lucky gal.

He is the best big brother. He has his moments, but for the most part he is a really nice boy and typically very inclusive with Frankie and Hans. They are like the three amigos when they go and do things together each day. I love it so much. It's seriously just as you'd imagine, with Vinny leading the way, Frankie just behind, and Hans bringing up the rear. I'm glad they have him to look up to.

Vinny is an EATER. He seems to inhale food all day long and remains as lean and skinny as ever. I don't know how that works. OH WAIT YES I DO. He runs around all day and burns it off and then comes back for more. We buy so much food and it goes so fast! I'm scared for our food bill when the kid is a teenager! He loves steak, green olives, most fruits, carrots, milk, pepperoni pizza, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, and SWEETS. He has the biggest sweet tooth, especially for chocolate. My kind of kid! :)

I'll end with a funny quote he said the other day. So Adam, my brother, is staying with us. He just got back from a two year mission in Taiwan. So one night we were talking about missions:

Vinny: "I don't want to go on a mission."
Me: "Why?"
Vinny: "Well, do you have to wear church clothes everyday?"
Me: "Yes, almost everyday."
Vinny: "Yeahhhh... I'm not going."
(LOL so if there is one thing that Vinny does not like, it's wearing church clothes.)

He is the most handsome thing ever and only seems to be getting cuter with age. We are so proud of the great kid he is! We sure love our Vinny!

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