Tummy Time for Rose + A Video

This little love bug is really starting to love tummy time! She's also rolling over from her back to her tummy and really close to sitting up on her own, too. Sometimes I'm hesitant to practice because I'm content to have her immobile for as long as possible. I don't look forward to having to put a gate on our stairs or worrying about her getting into things, so if she takes a long time to crawl, that is fine by me. The kids get so excited when she does tummy time. They love watching her lift up her head high and cheer for her as she rolls over each way. I love that they enjoy these little milestones as much as I do.

Unfortunately she has THE VERY MOST squishable cheeks on the earth, which inevitably leads to situations like this. Sorry, Rose!

Her silent plea for help in that second photo cracks me up.

And a video...!

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