Deep Creek Lake!

We are two thirds into our family vacation at Deep Creek Lake. It's been nothing short of amazing. Our kids are in heaven spending time with their cousins from morning to night outdoors  (unless it's stormy and rainy, and we've had a few days of those!). Us moms are in heaven having sibling bonding time and getting to relax while our kids are pretty much entertaining themselves. It's truly the best and we feel so lucky to be able to come and do this every year. The memories being made are leaving the strongest impressions on these little kids. It's so cute. My mom does a "Gigi Spotlight" every night after we have family devotional, where she picks a grandchild at random (with her flashlight in the dark) and then they come up and she says a few things about them and then everybody can ask them questions. Every time one of the kids will ask, "what's your favorite place?" and so far every single kid has said "Deep Creek Lake." It's really sweet and makes me feel so grateful that they get to grow up going to this special place and building these strong relationships with their cousins and family. It's pretty magical. 

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