Richards Royal Caribbean Cruise

We celebrated my parents 40th anniversary on a 7 day cruise last week. My parents and all of my siblings and their spouses came (except for Steve who couldn't make it off work) and there were no kids (except for Rose who is still nursing). The cruise was amazing!!! We stayed on the Oasis of the Seas through Royal Caribbean, one of the largest (if not the largest) cruise line in the world. It was kind of unreal. I've only been on the Disney cruise so I don't have too much to compare it to, but I was blown away. It was like being in a floating city on the ocean. Sometimes at night when we'd be eating at one of the restaurants, watching a show, or walking around the ship you'd almost forget you were out at sea. The cruise has technology that keeps you stabilized that you don't even feel yourself moving, which is great if you are prone to sea sickness. Two nights when the oceans were a little bit rough, you could still barely make out movement. It was pretty neat. The cruise took off out of Orlando and stopped at Labadee Haiti, Falmouth Jamaica, and Cozumel Mexico. It so fun to spend quality uninterrupted time together. It was a trip for the books... or the blog! 

I took so many photos! I'm going to post in several parts so by the end you'll never need to even go on a cruise cause you can just live vicariously through my picture overload ;) Here are some pictures from our time on the ship...

Rose was the most perfect little travel buddy and did great the entire trip. She even got sick mid-way through and still somehow managed to be a perfect little peach. Don't know how I got so lucky with this one.

My roommate during the trip! Elyse stayed up until almost 2am every night at the "Teen Club" hanging with new friends. Haha, oh to be a teenager. 

The first day on the cruise the sweetest employee came up to Rose and gave her this flower balloon. She was loving it and played with it for awhile until she popped it :)

Absolutely LOVED getting to spend quality time with these sisters and my mom!


You can't tell from these photos, but we are 10 stories up! I always got so nervous being out there with Rose, I would only bring her out a handful of times and always clutched her so tight because the ocean makes me nervous, haha. Also, our bedrooms were all next to each other so we opened up our separations on our patios so we could have one long patio all together which was really fun.  

Intentional twinning and/or coordinating with this girly of mine was one highlight of the trip

What life is like with sunglasses and a baby

Papa getting some quality R&R (thanks Kev for the photo! haha)

So fun getting dressed up every night for dinner. This girl also provided endless entertainment.

Warm chocolate cookie pazookie. We all fell in love with this dessert. The second to last night we asked our server if it might possibly be on the menu since they had only offered it one evening. Unfortunately, it wasn't. But the next night, our last night on the cruise, he surprised us all by bringing out specialty made ones for each one of us for dessert! We were all so happy and started cheering. Haha. I love how much my family appreciates good food.

The cruise offered plenty of windblown hair photo opportunities :)

Rose completely preferred Taylor on this trip. It was really very sweet. She is a daddy's girl and I think without Steve around, she auto replaced with her next favorite guy. She would reach for him out of my arms and would kick so excitedly anytime she saw him and would whine if anyone took her away from him. It was so cute. I owe my brother so much. He was so incredibly helpful with Rose the entire cruise, and treated her as if she was his very own daughter. He's the best!

The whole gang! One of the evenings on the ship we all met up and watched a video my brother-in-law Kevin put together in honor of my parents 40th anniversary. We all contributed some footage, but he compiled it into one of the most hilarious videos. I'll have to get it from him and put it up on the blog. We were all dying and it made me somehow even love my family that much more.

Dance parties at Dazzles!

The cutest girly at the airport before heading home!

The airplane tags provided endless entertainment. Who needs toys? 

Next up, Labadee Haiti!

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