Rose at 8 months old!

Our Rosie Ro is eight months old TODAY! She is the yummiest baby and we couldn't be more in love with her. At 8 months she loves music and will shake her whole body and smile so big when you dance with her. It's really cute. She has the biggest gummiest smile that a part of me is dreading for when she gets teeth because I don't want that smile to go away! She is army crawling all over the place and gets herself up on her knees and rocks back and forth. She will probably be full blown crawling any day now. She is loud and loves to hear her own voice. She will fake laugh if everyone around her is laughing. She thinks Frankie is hilarious and will give genuine belly laughs pretty easily around him. Mainly nursing but eating baby food now too. She isn't picky so far and will eat all the veggies which is awesome. She won't take her binky anymore :(  We lost it one day here at the lake and so I gave her a spare one that is the same exact brand and material, the only difference was that it was just a size up (true to her size now) and she hated it and refused to take it. The next few days she grew accustomed to not having one and when I finally found her first one she refused to take that too! Ahhhh. I'm going to still work on it with her because I think the binky is so useful and I way prefer it over not having one, but she reminds me a lot of Jayne because I remember Jayne stopped taking the binky really early too. She loves to suck in her bottom lip and chew on her tongue. She loooooves her blankey and needs it to sleep. She is still bashful around new people which is really cute. She loves the water! I've taken her swimming a couple times in the lake already and she doesn't mind chilly water. In fact, as I was getting her ready in her life jacket she was screaming bloody murder and then as soon as we got in the lake, she calmed down. I think she is going to be a fishy like Jayne. 

Some fave pics of her recently.....

Happy girl after eating chocolate ice cream (and getting it on her face!)

goofy hair

ignore my freaky face. i love her smile here!

wait for it....

gah! i can't take it. love her so much.

Happy 8 months baby girl! We love having you in our family!

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